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Simplex BlueRun sterntube solutions

Simplex BlueRun sterntube bush and carrier bush
The maritime industry is controlled by strict rules and regulations, whether environmental requirements or construction specifications. These stipulations play a decisive role whenever new vessels are designed and built or when older vessels are retrofitted to the latest technical and ecological standards. 
For this reason, water-lubricated sterntube systems, including polymer bushes, are becoming increasingly popular for marine applications. These solutions have turned out to fulfill the most stringent environmental requirements, such as the VGP 2013 or Polar Code.

The Simplex BlueRun portfolio includes:

Simplex BlueRun sterntube bush

The Simplex BlueRun product range includes water-lubricated polymer bearing bushes, TWP, which have been designed for a long service life.
  • Can be used for all types of water-lubricated sterntube Systems: for fresh and sea water as well as for open and closed systems
  • No need to remove the shaft in order to exchange the bearings by using the split version
  • Available for shaft diameters up to 500 mm
Simplex carrier bush

Simplex carrier bushes are fixed to the sterntube and are suitable for the Simplex BlueRun bushes.

Simplex BlueRun water quality system

Thanks to the Simplex BlueRun water quality system the seawater is cleaned by filtration and then pumped through the sterntube bushes for lubrication, cooling and flushing purposes.

  • No overheating
  • Any solids are reliably removed
  • Designed to operate on a standalone basis or can be fully integrated into the ship’s control and monitoring systems. The system can be operated in an unmanned engine room
  • The water quality system consists of two pumps (one standby). A single filter is connected to them
  • Constant measurement of temperature, pressure and flow rate of the water. All measurement results will be shown on the system’s display
Tail shaft monitoring

The tail shaft monitoring system provides reliable information about how the bushes are wearing, thereby allowing early replacement planning.

  • Two sensors are installed in the upper side of the bearing bush and are connected to an evaluation unit
  • Contactless measurement of bush wear
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