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Turbulo HycaLogger

Turbulo HycaLogger, freigestellt
The Turbulo HycaLogger is an electronic log book that records raw data from the oily water separator (OWS), for example all oil discharges. The system utilizes several sensors on the OWS and documents the bilge water discharge process. Especially for new building projects, the Turbulo HycaLogger can achieve great results in order to meet the standards of the big oil companies.

The Turbulo HycaLogger is designed as a control cabinet that comes with a 4.3 inch display that shows actual values and control buttons. It is also supplied with a USB port to connect to an external USB device to export the logged data.

  • Data are recorded in a database that can be exported into a csv-file if needed
  • Can be mounted directly onto the OWS or placed somewhere adjacent to it
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