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Stabilizer service

Available to you 24/7

We support your SKF Stabilizer throughout the whole lifetime: from technical consulting during selection of the fin stabilizer type and design services during the planning phase, through smooth management of your project – including marine engineering integration and commissioning – right up to providing premium service over the full service life of your vessel.

We of course also take care of inspection and maintenance work, including retrofit solutions for the control unit. This allows us to keep your system fully functional and updated at all times.

Even when you need our assistance at short notice because of an urgent issue, our highly trained specialists can be deployed around the clock anywhere in the world – we make even the most complicated repairs possible within the shortest possible docking times.

Our service portfolio includes:
  • Technical consulting during planning, installation and commissioning, including crew training courses for engineers and navigators
  • Inspection – Electrical / Mechanical
  • Retrofit – Control system upgrades / Obsolescence solutions
  • Conversion – Modification of existing units to VGP2013 standards
  • Maintenance – Condition-based or preventive (Seals, HPU)
  • Overhaul – Vane motor replacement or fin unit overhaul
  • Repair – after damage
  • Spare parts supply
  • Technical support
Our latest service product developments  to support your today´s challenges
  • Non-SKF stabilizer service
New established department to provide our service knowledge also for non-SKF Stabilizers e.g. control system retrofits
  • Underwater Service
Underwater services together with subcontracted diving companies
  • “Supervisor”
Specially trained and experienced technicians to manage and to support complex dry dock tasks for a smooth execution

We look forward to jointly developing solutions with you that are customized to your individual wishes and requirements.
We will subsequently remain at your side – over the full service life of your vessel.
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