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SKF Racing - Moving Innovation 

New and advanced applications in racing are setting higher demands on bearings, especially under extreme operating conditions.

In this section you can find an exhaustive summing up of the main solutions and innovative proposals of SKF with regards to the several racing applications.

Thanks to SKF knowledge is possible to fulfil almost any critical need in order to get robust and reliable solutions.

By choosing SKF Racing our customers can experience:

  • Closest business support to our customers through local resources in all the main racing markets.
  • Prototyping and production through certified quality manufacturing services.
  • Know-how transfer among the different SKF companies.
  • Flexibility at the manufacturing and logistic level.
  • All the benefits which come from the most advanced SKF Research Centers and their testing capabilities.
  • Advanced metallurgical studies and coating analyses by using state of the art investigation techniques

The benefits of the SKF Racing activity are carried far beyond the racetrack. What is learnt in the heat of competition is applied to aftermarket and high performance applications in several industrial fields. The transfer of technology is ongoing and extremely important.

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