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SKF Bus Door Actuator

Opening doors to improved reliability and efficiency

Reliable performance

Bus doors must operate safely and reliably in all kinds of weather and conditions, and withstand a lot of abuse. With SKF Bus Door Actuators, you can take reliability - and bus uptime - to new hights. The SKF solution uses robust and adaptive digital motion control for precision operation, with minimal or no sensitivity to variations in load, energy supply, wear and so on. For example, the doors will close with equal speed both at an uphill or downhill stop.

For more sustainable transport

Fuel is a major part of the total operating costs of a bus - so finding ways to improve fuel efficiency pays off. Reducing harmful emissions is also an important aspect of sustainable development efforts. SKF Bus Door Actuators reduce energy consumption by 80-90% compared to pneumatic drives, improving bus fuel efficiency by around 2%. This represents a yearly decrease in CO2 emissions of 1,9 tons per bus in city traffic.

Savings throughout the life cycle

Installation and commissioning is done in minutes. No individual tuning of valves and chokes is required. What is more, the need for service and maintenance is zero. At the end of its service life or if damaged from abuse, the actuator is quickly and easily replaced with a new one for minimal downtime. Since the motion control system is integrated in the actuator itself, an electrical door opening system helps reduce the total weight of the bus. Not to mention the weight savings of the smaller compressor.

Operational benefits

  • Enhanced passenger safety
  • Reliable operation regardless of voltage, temperature, load and wear
  • Installation and commissioning in minutes
  • Less wear on the doors due to controlled motion
  • 3-year warranty

Environmental benefits

  • Energy consumption reduced by 80-90% compared to pneumatic drives
  • Improves bus fuel efficiency by 2%
  • CO2 emissions cut by 1,9 tons per bus in city traffic
  • Silent operation for more pleasant experience for passengers and driver

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