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Load carrying capacity

The permissible radial loads for a flanged housing depend on the bearing, the breaking load of the housing and the strength of the attachment bolts. Guideline values for the breaking loads of the housings are provided in the product table.
The permissible axial loads for a flanged housing are limited by the friction between the sleeve and shaft.

Additional housing support

When the housing is subjected to heavy radial loads, a stop or dowel pins should be used to relieve the load on the attachment bolts. A shoulder or a guide ring on the support surface engaging a centring recess can also be used. Whichever method is used, it should be sufficiently strong to accommodate the loads acting parallel to the support surface.
Recommendations for the position and size of the holes to accommodate dowel pins are provided in table 1. Dimples cast into the housing flange mark the recommended positions.
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