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SBFN, SBPN and SDM housings are designed for high-flow circulating oil systems. The oil should be selected based on the operating conditions of the bearing. For additional information, refer to Lubricant selection.
A circulating oil lubrication system typically has supply lines and drain lines. Circulation is normally produced with the aid of a pump. After the oil has passed through the bearing, it drains from the housing and flows into a tank where it is filtered and allowed to cool before being returned to the housing. Proper filtering and cooling of the oil are important factors for bearing and oil service life, and can improve machine performance as well as cost savings.
SBFN housings have two oil inlets and one oil outlet (fig. 1). One of the inlets as well as the outlet are plugged with plastic plugs. The other inlet, not in use, is plugged with a steel plug.
SBPN and SDM housings have two oil inlets, and two oil outlets on each side (fig. 2 and fig. 3). SKF recommends using both outlets on the relevant side to sufficiently drain the large quantity of circulating oil. The tapped outlets have two plastic and two steel plugs.The steel plugs should remain on the side opposite the return pipes.
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