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Sealing solutions

Table 1 provides an overview of the characteristics and suitability of the sealing solutions for SKF housings for paper machines. This information should be used as a guideline, which cannot substitute for testing a seal in its application.
SBFN (fig. 1) and SBPN (fig. 2) housings are equipped with labyrinth seals integrated in each cover. A labyrinth ring, bolted to the shaft, forms an axial labyrinth with the housing cover. Shafts used with SBFN housings require machined grooves that act as oil flingers. End covers are available for housings mounted at the end of a shaft.
SDM housings are equipped with gap-type seals and split oil flinger rings (fig. 3). The seals are integrated in the covers. The flinger ring is split and mounted directly onto the shaft. The ring is positioned axially by tightening the ring screw into a tapped hole on the shaft.
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