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Features and benefits

SKF housings for paper machines have the following features and benefits:

Optimized designs

The housing designs are developed together with leading OEMs and are optimized to accommodate the arduous operating conditions present in paper machines.

Effective and maintenance-free seals

SBFN and SBPN housings have upgraded labyrinth seals compared to their predecessors, providing extra protection against liquid contaminants during operation and high pressure wash-downs. The seals also virtually eliminate oil leaks, even for high oil flow rates.
SDM housings have a maintenance-free, non-contact gap-type seal incorporated into each cover.

Prepared for condition monitoring

The housings have tapped holes to attach condition monitoring sensors.

Mounting in different positions

It is possible to mount SBFN housings at angles of 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°.
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