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Environmental conditions

SKF housings are intended for both interior and exterior applications. The following corrosivity categories, in accordance with ISO 12944-2:1998, are applicable for SKF housings:
  • C2 for all housings except SE plummer (pillow) block housings
  • C3 for SE plummer (pillow) block housings
Additional information about corrosivity categories is provided in table 1.

Custom painting / corrosivity category

The standard colour and corrosivity category of an SKF housing is indicated in the relevant product section. SKF housings can also be supplied in other colours and/or corrosivity categories (table 1) or according to customer specifications. Housings that have a non-standard painting requirement are identified by the designation suffix P followed by a unique two- or three-digit number, e.g. SNL 510-608/P76.
If a housing is going to be repainted, SKF recommends taking the following precautions prior to painting:
  • Cover all housing openings. For housings with seal grooves, place discs cut from cardboard or plastic in the seal grooves. This is particularly important because residual chemicals or abrasives from the preparation process can lead to premature bearing and seal damage.
  • Remove all grease fittings and protect all threaded holes with plugs.
  • To avoid any chemical attack of the surface when washing painted castings, follow the instructions from the supplier of the washing chemicals regarding concentration, temperature, and time. The paint is resistant to commonly used low alkalescent washing chemicals.
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