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Grease selection

Grease selection is typically driven by the bearing and its operating conditions. The same grease can be used to fill the housing and lubricate the seal.
For information about SKF greases, refer to Lubrication solutions. The SKF grease selection program LubeSelect can be used to select an appropriate grease.

Biodegradable grease for housings with sealed bearings

If sealed bearings are used, the grease used to fill the housing and lubricate the housing seals does not need to be compatible with the grease inside the bearing. This is a good opportunity to use environmentally friendly grease such as SKF LGGB 2. It is a biodegradable, low toxicity grease. For additional information about this grease, refer to Lubrication solutions.

Initial grease fill

If no other requirements exist, the free space in the bearing should be completely filled with grease and the free space in the housing should be filled to 20 to 40% of its volume. A 40% grease fill is required when bearings have to be relubricated from the side, while a 20% grease fill is used when bearings are lubricated via the outer ring.
For highly contaminated environments and slow speeds, fill the housing to 70 to 80%. For the best protection against contaminants, use the SKF Three-Barrier Solution.
Higher speeds can require a reduced grease fill. For additional information, contact the SKF application engineering service. Quantities for the initial grease fill are provided in the individual product sections.
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