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Grease escape holes

Bearing arrangements in housings that have contact seals, e.g. double-lip or four-lip seals, can be equipped with a grease escape hole to allow used, excess grease to be purged from the housing. The escape hole should be positioned on the side opposite the grease inlet and if applicable, on the same side as the lock nut. For long relubrication intervals, it is often sufficient to remove the housing cap or cover and remove the old grease.

CAUTION: Relubrication via the outer ring

Care should be taken when relubricating spherical roller bearings in the nonlocating position via their lubrication feature in the outer ring. There is a risk that the lubrication groove of the bearing will not be aligned with the hole in the centre of the housing cap and the lubricant will not reach the bearing. This can be the case when narrow bearings are mounted in housings with a wide housing seat, e.g. spherical roller bearings in the 222 series mounted in SNL 5(00) series housings, and the application is subjected to large axial movements. Under these circumstances, the bearings should be relubricated from the side.
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