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Special seals

In addition to the standard seal assortment, SNL and SE housings are available, on request, with high-temperature seals or custom seals for special applications.

High-temperature seals

For high operating temperatures, up to 250 °C (480 °F), high-temperature felt seals or strips should be used. The felt seals can accommodate circumferential speeds up to 2 m/s. They are identified by the designation suffix CB, e.g. TSN 516 CB.
For additional information about the felt strips, contact the SKF application engineering service.

Custom seals

SNL and SE housings can be equipped with any type of seal that fits the seal groove dimensions in the housing. The relevant dimensions are provided in table 1.
If custom seals are to be used, SKF recommends ordering housings in the SNL or SE 2 series rather than those in the 5 or 6 series. Housings in the SNL and SE 2 series have a larger bore at the shaft entrance and can accommodate a wider choice of seal designs.
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