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FSDR .. K housings are intended for grease lubrication. The lubricant should be selected based on the operating conditions of the bearings. For additional information, refer to Lubricant selection.

Initial grease fill

If no other requirements exist, the free space in the bearing as well as the gaps of the labyrinth seals should be completely filled with grease. The seal counterfaces should be thoroughly greased. No extra grease is required for the housing.
During start up, additional grease (typically 20 to 60 kg, depending on bearing size) should be added to the bearing over a 30-minute period via the annular groove and relubrication holes in the bearing outer ring.
Detailed information about the initial grease fill is provided in the mounting instructions, which are available on request.


The spherical roller bearings used in FSDR .. K housings can be relubricated via two drilled and tapped G 3/8 holes in the housing base (fig. 1). SKF recommends using an automatic lubrication system like the SKF MultiLube pumping unit.
Relubrication instructions (which form part of the mounting instructions for the housings) are available on request.

Relubricating the seals

FSDR .. K housings with one V-ring per side have two drilled and tapped G 1/8 holes in the cover on each side of the housing. Grease introduced in either of the holes will relubricate both the V-ring and the labyrinth seal. Choose the hole that is most convenient (fig. 2).

FSDR .. K housings size 49/1320 with two V-rings per side have three drilled and tapped holes in the cover on each side of the housing. The hole that supplies grease to the space between the two V-rings has two alternative grease inlets (both G 3/8). Choose the one that is most convenient (fig. 3). The single hole (G 1/8) supplies lubricant to the labyrinth seal (fig. 4).


Used grease should be replaced with fresh grease on a regular basis, typically every two to three years. Grease samples should be drawn and analyzed, and the interval adjusted accordiningly. To simplify the renewal process, the covers and labyrinth rings are split and can be removed without removing the cap.

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