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PD housings must be mounted properly, using the correct tools. All the associated components must meet certain basic requirements and the support surface should meet the specifications provided under Housing support surface.

The housings have two markings (fig. 1): 

  • A “square” on one end denotes the position of the wider of the two bearing seats.
  • A “triangle” on the other end indicates the direction in which the predominant axial load should be applied.
For information about mounting rolling bearings, refer to the SKF bearing maintenance handbook or

Mounting PDN series housings

The wave spring washers, supplied with smaller housings in the PDN series, should be inserted between the bearing and the cover on the housing end marked with a triangle. The rotary components (impeller, pulley, coupling etc.) must be arranged so that the axial load Fa produced in operation acts in the direction indicated by the triangle. SKF recommends using a hydraulic nut or press for these mounting operations.

Mounting PD units

Installing PD units is simple because the unit just needs to be bolted to the support surface. The rotary components are then mounted onto the finished shaft ends secured by the keys, end plates, and attachment screws (with spring washers) provided.
Support the shaft properly when pressing components onto the shaft to prevent the mounting force acting on the bearings. Mounting instructions are available on request.

Torque specifications

Cover bolts should be tightened to the torque values listed in table 1. The cover bolts are in accordance with ISO 4017:2014.

For information about attachment bolts, refer to Attachment bolt recommendations.

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