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Oil filters according to DIN 24550

Standard filters with electrical/optical dirt indicator

SKF pressure filter series 169-460 are standard oil filters according to DIN 24550. They are modular in design with a filter housing (filter head/ filter body), a filter element and a screw plug. 

Optionally a dirt indicator can be selected instead of the screw plug. The pressure filters are used as line filters in the pipes of the CircOil lubrication system for separating solids from the fluids. Two kinds of filter elements are available. Fiberglass fleece – disposable elements based on inorganic fibers (absolute filtration) or wire fabric (nominal filtration). The dirt indicator monitors the filter element and signals when it needs to be replaced.

Features and benefits:

  • Prevents system or component failures and extends system live due to significant reduction of solids
  • Economical, reliable and maintenance-friendly operation
  • Compact and modular design mountable directly into pipes
  • Wide range of volumetric flow up levels and grades of filtration
  • Optimized service handling by replacing of filter elements only
  • Dirt monitoring of filter elements as an option
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