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ZPU 09/09A

Electrically operated piston pump for circulating oil systems

The ZPU 09/09A high-pressure pumps are designed for use in hydrostatic and hydrodynamic (start-up phase) lubrication systems. They also may be used in oil supply systems, blocking oil systems and regulation and control oil systems. The pump is suitable for oils with viscosity of 20 to 460 mm2/s. The pump shows a housing, of 8 l (16.9 pts) capacity, with a pump element and a flange with outlets and return lines. All lines are connected to a 3-phase, multi-range or 500 V motor. The pump can be delivered with one or two outlets.

Features and benefits

  • Reliable
  • With one or two outlets
  • Simple to service
  • Built-in check-valve for ZPU 09
  • Return line from pressure relief valve
  • Housing integrated oil level indicator
  • Technical features
    Function principleelectrically operated piston pump
    Operating temperature–20 to +80 °C–4 to +176 °F
    Operating back pressuremax. 400 barmax. 5800 psi
    Lubricantmineral and synthetic oils
    Viscosity20–460 mm2/s
    Number of outletsZPU09: 1
    ZPU09A: 2
    Metering quantity
    ZPU090,13 l/min0.27 pts/min
    ZPU09A2 × 0,06 l/min2 × 0.27 pts/min
    Voltage380–415, 420–480 V AC / 50 Hz, ±5% to ±10%
    500 V AC / 50 Hz, ±1
    Connection outlet filling lineG 3/8 BSPP
    Direction of rotation driveoptional
    Protection classIP 54
    Dimensions650 × 410 × 465 mm25.59 × 16.14 × 16.31 in
    Mounting positionvertical
  • Applications
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