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HTL 101

Hydraulically driven lubrication pump for hammers, grippers and pliers

HTL 101-1-C7

The Lincoln HTL 101 lubrication pump is designed to minimize friction and reduce wear on hydraulically driven devices that are subjected to heavy mechanical loads. The pump lubricates continuously throughout the machine operation.

A simple visual check is enough to tell if the HTL 101 is functioning correctly. When the cam shaft rotates and the red follower plate in the cartridge sinks, the pump is running smoothly. An oil bypass system allows operation at temperatures as cold as -25 °C. Exchangeable 380 g cartridges make refilling procedures quick and easy. Cartridges are available with either a copper based chisel paste lubricant or with NLGI 2 grease. The cartridges are equipped with a sturdy thread connection that can withstand even the toughest handling.

The HTL 101 lubrication pump is driven by the machine’s on-board hydraulic system. Extra drives, auxiliary power or control valves are all redundant. The HTL 101 mounts directly on the accessory, minimizing tubing and drastically reducing installation costs.

Features and benefits:

  • Compact design – mounts directly on the hydraulic tool
  • Adjustable small quantities (from 0,2 cm3/min) – thus optimizing lubricant consumption
  • Exchangeable 380 g cartridge with visual level control
  • Oil inlet strainer reduces damage potential caused by contamination
  • Highly reliable operation
  • Suitable for hydraulic tools that operate under water
  • Economical lubrication solution
  • An integrated hydraulic throttle enables the lubricant quantity to be adjusted to suit the machine
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