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HTL 201

Compact hydraulic lubrication pump for hammers, grippers and pliers

Group of HTL201 versions

The Lincoln HTL 201 lubrication pump mounts directly to the hydraulic tool and lubricates continuously throughout the working phase the tool. The hydraulics of the carrier machine drive the lubrication pump. The pump stays on the tool that is to be lubricated, even if the carrier machine is exchanged. The HTL 201 is ideal for minimizing friction and wear on small-sized hydraulic hammers, grippers or pliers, as well as for mini excavators. The pump can be installed in places where there is “virtually no room” to spare.

The HTL 201 offers an optimized function through a new technical design, for example, a change-over piston made from aluminum. The pump enables an output per stroke of 0,22 cm³ so that at 200 bar an output of 6,7 cm³/min is possible.

The pump comes standard with a 120 bar pressure relief valve. An optional 270 bar pressure relief valve is available that enables the usage of a progressive system with main and secondary metering devices. A new check valve in the return line is designed to avoid damage in the event that the pressure and return lines are mixed. A larger, threaded strainer enables simple cleaning of the unit. An integrated fine throttle adjusts the variable lubricant output. 

The HTL 201 uses 150 g or 310 g cartridges with chisel paste or with grease up to NLGI 2. An adapter now also enables the usage of 380 g standard cartridges. 

For applications with higher lubricant consumption versions with a refillable reservoir of 8 or 17 liters are available. hanks to the follower plate the pump can be built in horizontal position to save space. The reservoir offers a quasi-analog lubricant level switch with multiple signal levels divided across the analog signal range from 4 to 20 mA. The user can monitor lubricant feeding during operation, being informed of low level events ahead.  

Features and benefits:

  • Compact design – mounts directly on the hydraulic tool
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Lubricant output of up to 6.7 cm³/minute depending on the hydraulic pressure and throttle setting
  • Different reservoir options
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