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MOS/MOP212 - MPG101

Mechanically operated tandem pump for oil and grease lubrication

Chain lubrication with MOS-MOP212

On a baler for instance it is necessary to lubricate both, chains and bearings, at the same time - while the machine is running. The combination of an oil pump (MOS/MOP 212) and a grease pump (MGP 101) results is a type of tandem pump for both oil and grease. This combination allows to lubricate the chain with oil and the bearings with grease - automatically while the machine is running, with one system.

Features and benefits
  • Reduces wear on chains and chain drives with exact metered oil quantities.
  • Can be combined with MGP 101 grease pump
  • Metered quantity is matched to chain size, length and demands.
  • Extended filling intervals with 5 litre reservoir
  • Mechanical drive – no extra electrical drive necessary


  • Farm machinery, especially balers

MOS / MOP 212


The MOS 212 oil lubrication system comprises a mechanically operated oil pump MOP 212 with up to 12 pump elements. Using metering rings, it has 3 different output sizes. 

A lubrication line (Ø 4 mm) is connected directly from each pump element to the drive chain that requires lubrication. The oil is applied with brushes or felt pads. The felt pads are especially advantageous for applying the oil to the entire chain. Simultaneously, dirt particles are scrapped off the chain resulting in a more effective lubrication.

MGP 101

Chain lubrication with MOS-MOP212

It is possible to add a grease pump MGP 101 to the existing MOP 212 or to drive the MGP 101 via the MOP 212 as a drive pump.

The MGP 101 can also be used independently as a grease pump with a max. rpm of 20. The MGP 101 encompasses a K7 pump element and it can be equipped with downstream metering devices such as the SSV progressive metering device.

The pump uses 150/310 g lubricant cartridges or standard 400 g cartridges in a steel or transparent plastic tube.

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