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MOS/MOP201 - MOP101

Mechanically driven oil lubrication pump for slow moving chains

The MOS 201, a mechanically driven oil lubrication system, consists of multiple mechanically driven oil pumps MOP 201. The pumps are connected directly to the chain. The system is suitable for continuous operation. 

The MOS 201 lubrication system makes it possible to lubricate several independently run chains. It is especially suitable for applications that require lubrication of more than 5 chains. Each chain and lubrication point uses one lubrication pump. The centralized oil supply to parallel pumps is provided by a ring feed connection. 

For smaller systems such as link chains in agricultural equipment, SKF offers MOP 101 as a feed pump in a 5-Liter-reservoir.

Features and benefits
  • Reduces wear on chains and chain drives with exact metered oil quantities.
  • Only the chain whose drive is currently engaged is lubricated. Over-lubrication and unnecessary dripping of oil is avoided.
  • Mechanical drive – no extra electrical drive necessary
  • For the lubrication of more than 5 chains


  • Packaging machines such as palletizers
  • Agricultural or farm machinery
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