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Gear wheel indicator for use with circulating oil systems

Gear wheel indicator SFZ

The SFZ product series offers robust flow monitoring even under harsh environmental conditions. Its gearwheel measuring principle is based on the flow limiter technology.

Features and benefits:

  • Three designs with metering ranges from 0 to 180 l/min (0 to 380 pts/min)
  • Robust aluminium body
  • Sight glass for visual monitoring
  • Gear-wheel-type measuring principle
  • Technical features
    Function principlegear wheel indicator
    Lubricantmineral and synthetic oils
    viscosity 20–600 mm2/s
    Operating temperature0 to +70 °C+32 to 158 °F
    Operating pressure6–50 bar87–725 psi
    Flow rate
    SFZ 9/6/1;
    SFZ 9E/6/1
    0,09–8,2 l/min0.19-17.3 pts/min
    SFZ 9E30/16–30 l/min12.7–63.4 pts/min
    SFZ 9E100/125–132 l/min52.8–279 pts/min
    Electrical connectionhall sensor
    Voltage24 VDC ±10%; 20mA
    MaterialAl, Cu, Mg, Pb
    Protection classIP 65
    Dimensionsmin 80 × 80 × 75 mm
    max 190 × 180 × 150 mm
    min. 3.1 × 3.1 × 3.0 in
    max. 190 × 180 × 150 in
    Mounting positionany
  • Applications
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