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Lever-action coupler

Lever-action coupler

Developed to optimize grease gun lubricant delivery, the SKF lever-action coupler improves safety and simplifies the manual lubrication process. Featuring one-handed operation, the easy-to-use coupler remains attached to the fitting without being held in place. Its reverse-jaw design holds the fitting securely to the seat for less grease spillage.

The lever-action coupler is available in two versions – one for battery-powered grease guns (TLGB 20-8) and one for manual grease guns (1077600-5).

Key features and customer benefits

  • Enables one-handed operation for improved safety
  • Easy to use
  • Lever activated for quick attachment and release from fitting
  • Reduces grease spillage 
Image below: Battery-driven grease gun TLGB 20 equipped with Lever-action coupler TLGB 20-8

Suitable SKF grease guns and accessories

Technical data
- 1077600-5M10*1
- TLGB 20-81/8 NPT
Grease fittingStandard (DIN 71412)
Maximum working pressure700 bar (10 000 PSI)
Length195 mm (7.7 in)
Weight260 g (0.57 lb)
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