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Spherical washers

Straight bolt tensioning for longer endurance

SKF Spherical washers
SKF Spherical washers

Spherical washers from SKF are designed to create an exact, parallel plane between the bolt head and the face of the nut. These washers automatically adjust and compensate for the angular deviation between the planes and prevent the bolt from bending.

Product characteristics:

  • Automatically compensates for angular errors
  • Evenly distributed bolt tension
  • Reduces bolt fatigue from bending bolts
  • Improved bolt stretch possible due to increased clamping length
  • Surface treated for protection in humid and harsh environments
  • Available in standard and low-profile (LP) versions
SKF Spherical washers
SKF Spherical washers
A = Bent boltB = Straigt bolt
C = Line contactD = Spherical contact
StandardSKF Spherical washers standard
DesignationD (mm)d (mm)H (mm)
SMSW 16 -ASTR331760
SMSW 20 -ASTR422360
SMSW 24 -ASTR472760
SMSW 27 -ASTR523060
SMSW 30 -ASTR563460
SMSW 36 -ASTR674060
SMSW 42 -ASTR824660
SMSW 48 -ASTR925260
Low-profileSKF Spherical washers low profile
DesignationD (mm)d (mm)H (mm)
SMSW 16LPAST331720
SMSW 20LPAST422322
SMSW 24LPAST472724
SMSW 27LPAST523026
SMSW 30LPAST563428
SMSW 36LPAST674030
SMSW 42LPAST824634
Please contact your local SKF Authorized Distributor or SKF sales representative for support, customization or more information about spherical washers from SKF.
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