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Guide strips

SKF guide strips are made of PTFE as standard and should only be used in light duty applications or when fluid, temperature, friction, or speed do not allow any other material. They are typically used with PTFE sealing systems (fig. 1). At system operating pressures over 200 bar (2 900 psi), contact SKF.
PTFE guide strips are available with different designs (table 1) and can be cut with different configurations (table 2) .

Guide strips cut to length

Based on the hardware dimensions, SKF can supply guide strips with specified lengths. They are designated according to a system that states the type and design, dynamic diameter, housing groove diameter, housing groove width, type of cut and material (table 3).

For additional information and order assistance, contact SKF.

Guide strips uncut

SKF can also supply uncut guide strips. They are designated by the type and design (table 1), guide strip thickness t and housing groove width in millimetres, material code, and length in metres, such as SB 2x8,1-292 / 25 m.

For additional information and order assistance, contact SKF.

Calculating the guide strip length

The individual guide strip length CL can be calculated using the formulas provided in table 4.
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