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Profile overview

SKF supplies hydraulic seals and guides in many different profiles or designs and in a wide range of series and sizes, which make them appropriate for a wide variety of operating conditions and applications. The most common profiles and designs per seal type and guides are provided in the following profile overview.
Wiper seals

Press-in wiper seals (fig. 13)

  • PA profile
  • MCW profile
  • PAD and PADV profile

Snap-in wiper seals (fig. 14)

  • DTW profile
  • DX profile
  • HW profile
Guide rings and guide strips

Guide rings (fig. 15)

  • WAT rod or piston guide rings
  • RGR rod guide rings
  • PGR piston guide rings

Guide strips (fig. 16)

  • PTFE guide strips in different designs and configurations

For additional information refer to the relevant product sections.
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