Ready to take on a world of opportunities?

As an organisation that places knowledge at its centre, SKF is an attractive partner for students seeking an internship, working on their thesis or looking to compliment their studies. We have close ties with research centres and universities in many countries. We can offer you a variety of opportunities - every one created to add drive and practical experience to academic work.


An internship at SKF is an outstanding opportunity for students to experience our business at close hand. You will gain valuable practical knowledge and have the chance to compliment your studies in a meaningful and structured way, while actively contributing with your own knowledge in a stimulating and dynamic team environment.


An important part of any education program is preparing for life after studies. Where you choose to conduct your thesis can have a defining role on your future career. At SKF, we prioritise cooperation with academic institutions and the exchange of knowledge and ideas and are always looking to develop this relationship.
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