SKF Rotostat sealing module

SKF Rotostat sealing module
SKF Rotostat sealing module
SKF Rotostat sealing module with sensor
SKF Rotostat sealing module with sensor
The intelligent combination of dynamic and static seals bonded directly to a metal carrier or retainer with an integrated engine management sensor and trigger wheels.

  • Simple, ready-to-install one piece modular unit
  • Choice of elastomeric, PTFE or low friction dynamic sealing lips
  • Moulded in place static seal and centering dowel pin
  • Pre-assembled complete module with the sensor and high resolution magnetic trigger wheel
  • Optional integration of magnetic trigger wheel and sensor to provide input to the engine management system

  • Combines multiple components into one unit, saving installation time and costs while avoiding installation errors
  • Reduced inventory due to reduced number of components
  • 50% reduction in leak paths
  • T-joint static gasket feature improves static sealing
  • Weight reduction of up to 30% compared to assembled die cast retainer
  • Total system development and responsibility at SKF to ensure compatibility between sensor and trigger wheel

For the optional sensor system:
  • Signal to provide crankshaft position and rotational speed
  • Magnetic trigger wheel with high accuracy and reduced angular errors for precise signal to engine management systems
  • Sensor outside crankcase, thus no cable sealing problems and easy replacement
  • Improved system accuracy by performing timing at the flywheel location (high mass flywheel and best rotational “smoothness”)
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