Anti-corrosion coating for hub bearing units

A modular corrosion protection solution for hub bearing unit that makes the disassembly process easier, prolongs service life and improves vehicle appearance.

Anti corrosion coating for HBU BAR0282c Coating on spigots and flanges
Anti-corrosion coating for hub bearing units on spigot and flange
An innovative solution for protecting the wheel bearing against corrosion. The anti-corrosion coating for hub bearing unit makes the disassembly of the bearing from the knuckle and rim easier. It improves the aesthetics of the bearing during vehicle life and at the same time prevents rusty surfaces from coming into contact with the seals, thus maintaining their effectiveness. The anti-corrosion coating feature has been designed to withstand over 400 hours of salt-spray test (DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS) without jeopardizing the geometrical tolerances of the hub bearing unit.
This anti-corrosion coating can be applied to all flanged hub bearings units of second and third generation and features:
- Scalable layer thickness according to customer requirements
- Low thickness tolerance
- Maximum working temperature above 200°C
- UV paint
The anti-corrosion hub bearing unit offer benefits to customers including:
- Strong resistance against corrosion
- Better bearing appearance during vehicle life
- Easier disassembly operations in workshop
- Lower risk of corroding the bearing seals with rust
- Low run-out on the outboard flange
- High flexibility in deciding which area of the bearing should be
- No environmental trade-offs (water based paint )
- Suitable for both new designs and retrofit
- Possible to use different paint colors.
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