Anti false brinelling grease for hub bearing units

Better bearing performance

X-Tracker low friction_bar-0228d
During vehicle transportation, due to absence of lubrication in ball raceway contact caused by standstill loads (no rotation), wear phenomena might occur.
The consequence of this is an unexpected noise and vibration that may appear at vehicle level.
SKF offers a solution that helps our customer to reduce the false brinelling damage by around 50%, while reducing friction and extending bearing life.

  • Grease development tailored to HBU application needs
  • Optimized ratio between friction, anti-wear and anti-false brinelling performances
  • Fully compatibility with bearing component material
  • Consistent improvement of bearing robustness against false brinelling damage
  • Lower bearing friction in comparison with the standard GHG grease
  • Improved false brinelling resistance maintaining the same general bearing performances (life, stiffness and sealing)
  • Applicable for new platforms and as retrofit
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