SKF Low Friction Hub Bearing Unit

It improves fuel economy thanks to reduced friction

SKF Low Friction Hub Bearing Unit is a new wheel end solution for the automotive industry capable of reducing friction up to 20% and more compared to standard hub bearing units.

The SKF Low Friction Hub Bearing Unit offers longer rolling bearing life and a higher strength to withstand false brinelling.

Using the SKF Vehicle Environmental Performance Simulator (VEPS), based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), it has been calculated that a car with four SKF Low Friction Hub Bearing Units reduces CO2 by 0,3 g per km. When based on an annual mileage of 14 500 km, the saving is 4,3 kg CO2 per year.

Some of the main features are optimized ball set geometry and high-performance grease while among the most relevant operational benefits we can highlight:
  • Improvement of total vehicle efficiency
  • Increased bearing service life
  • Higher stiffness/friction ratio
  • Applicable to all generations of
    hub bearing units

Impact - economic, social and environmental

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