Compressor seals

Improving sealing peformance for improved reliability

PTFE seal
The demands of the oil and gas industry consistently are felt by applications throughout all levels of the process. Whether your application is part of upstream exploration, drilling and production, subsea or floating production, or midstream and downstream, SKF understands these demands and importance of keeping your applications running uninterrupted.

With its variety of sealing solutions, SKF can help you achieve greater productivity and improved overall performance. From standard to custom engineering solutions, SKF can elevate sealing performance under a variety of conditions to improve application safety, productivity and reliability. Complemented by field experience and extensive knowledge, SKF seals are engineered to the highest standards from a variety of materials, including PTFE and PEEK to name a few.

Additionally, SKF operates its own customized seal manufacturing based on its own seal grades. SKF laboratories operate a wide range of seals test rigs for linear and rotary applications and a comprehensive range of high-end material testing equipment including Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) alongside full media compatibility testing.

SKF seals are used in an array of applications, such as screw compressors, pumps, valves, downhole equipment, connectors and manifolds.  From conventional refrigerants to highly corrosive process gases, SKF provides standard and customized solutions to maximize equipment efficiency and reduce downtime.

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