Twin screw refrigeration compressors

Bearing selection can be complicated

Twin screw refrigeration compressors
Whether the twin screw compressor type is used for industrial refrigeration or air conditioning applications, the bearings operating within must support rotor loads and help ensure accurate radial and axial rotor positioning. To help improve energy efficiency, the bearing arrangements must optimize rotor head clearance. Bearing arrangement selection also depends on the combined effects of the refrigerant and the bearing lubricant involved.

All fluorocarbon-based refrigerants, for example, do not mix freely with mineral oils. When used with compatible oils, refrigerants are dissolved in and dilute the viscosity of the oil. This diminishes the oil’s capability to develop the elastohydrodynamic (EHD) film in the rolling contact and to support sliding friction.

Make the job easier with SKF

SKF engineering consultants can help you choose the optimum bearing design and lubrication application for your requirements. SKF solutions include single row angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Both types enable optimized rotor clearance, plus greater reliability and energy efficiency.


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