SKF sour gas solution

Enabling more uptime for oil-flooded screw compressors

Across gas wells, pipelines and refineries, the use of oil-flooded screw compressors for vapor recovery units is growing. Unfortunately, so are the resulting maintenance demands and unplanned downtime, as bearings in oil-flooded screw compressors often have difficulty withstanding exposure to sour gas (H2S), hydrogen (H2), and acid gas (CO2). The SKF sour gas solution can help.

The SKF sour gas solution is a robust rolling bearing arrangement consisting of high-nitrogen, stainless steel rings, ceramic rolling elements, and polymeric PEEK cages. Currently installed in several highly demanding refinery, gas well boosting and recip boosting operations, the SKF sour gas solution is helping these operations increase run length from months to several years. The result? A sharp reduction in maintenance demands and operational costs, and an enabler for new low cost compressor setups.
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