Food and beverage

Harsh operating conditions and strict regulations

Extreme temperatures and moist, contamination-prone environments. Frequent washdowns that degrade equipment and cause lubricant leakage. Repetitive tasks and hazardous work environments.

For food and beverage processors, these operating conditions can take a heavy toll on machine uptime and plant productivity. Dealing with these conditions while trying to stay compliant with health, safety and environmental regulations makes it difficult to stay competitive.

SKF can help

Combining expertise in bearings, seals, lubrication, mechatronics and services with decades of application experience in the food and beverage industries, SKF provides an extensive range of maintenance management and optimization solutions. From preparation, heating and cooling to post-production packaging, SKF solutions can help facilities:

  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Cut energy costs and consumption
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Increase equipment service intervals
  • Reduce worker safety risks


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