Super-precision bearings

Satisfying high performance demands

To meet today’s operating challenges – extended speeds, high running accuracy, high system rigidity, low heat generation, low noise and vibration levels – machine tools require precision bearing performance. SKF can provide it.

SKF has developed high-speed, super-precision bearings that satisfy the high performance demands of precision applications. Our new extensive SKF assortment of super-precision bearings combines the best designs from both brands for improved performance, machine uptime, speed and precision.

An experienced application partner

Since we are users of high-precision machine tools ourselves, SKF is quite familiar with your problems and requirements. You know what your machines need to achieve. We know how. Our specialized application knowledge about how the spindle and the machine interact in different situations enables us to develop innovative, super-precision solutions perfectly suited to your specific needs and conditions.

More about SKF super-precision bearings

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