Roller screws

More contact = more power

Roller screws
SKF roller screws transmit the load from the nut to the shaft through the barrelled surfaces of all the engaged rollers. The design increases the diameter of the contact surface and the number of contact points substantially, enabling a range of benefits:
  • High load ratings (SR-SV)
  • Very high rotational speed (SR)
  • High acceleration and deceleration rates (SR)
  • Long life at high cycling rates (SR)
  • High reliability (SR-SV)
  • Resistance to hostile surroundings (SR)
  • Ability to survive shock loads (SR)
  • Small displacements with very good repeatability (SV)
  • Rotating the nut when speed becomes critical (SR)
  • Frequently removing the nut from the screw shaft (SR-most SV)
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