Reliable lubrication in harsh conditions

SKF Multilube pumping unit
From drills and conveyors to crushers and grinders, SKF DuoFlex system is ideal for a range of machinery with many lubrication points, long lines and harsh operating conditions.
  • Reduce unplanned machine downtime
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Increase worker safety
  • Reduce premature bearing failures

SKF DuoFlex dual-line lubrication systems

An effective, flexible long-line solution

SKF Maxilube pumping centre

SKF DuoFlex systems are dual-line centralised lubrication systems that can deliver oils, semi-fluid or hard greases NLGI grades 000 to 3. Theyare designed for medium-sized or large machines with many lubrication points, long lines and harsh operating conditions.

SKF DuoFlex systems are an ideal lubrication system when it comes to long distances and extension capabilities. Exactly metered quantities of grease or oil are fed to individual lubrication points using dual-line distributors. Their function is based on two main lines that are alternately pressurized.

  • Easy layout, modification of the metered quantity, and extension of the number of lubrication points
  • Suitable for all systems with a major number of lubrication points
  • Electric or pneumatic drive
With SKF Maxilube

SKF DuoFlex can be configured with the SKF Maxilube pumping center that com­bines the previously separate components of hydraulic and control units. The hydraulic unit includes the solenoid and control valve groups and the pressure gauges for the lubrication lines. The pumping center is equipped with a compressed air regulator.

The SKF Maxilube provides accurate and reliable functioning of the lubrication system, which in turn will extend the service life of process equipment and machinery. 

With SKF Multilube

SKF DuoFlex can be configured with the SKF Multilube pump unit that can be easily installed and operate with all SKF grease and oil dosers for single- and dual-line lubrication systems. All relevant components and functions (control unit, pump, reservoir, directional valve and pressure monitoring) are integrated into SKF Multilube.

The SKF Multilube provides reliable operation of the lubrication system and precise dosage preventing bearing failures, reducing lubricant consumption and improving the operating capabilities of machines, equipment and heavy vehicles.

With FK lubrication pump

SKF DuoFlex can be configured with the FK lubrication pump -a multi-function piston pump with a versatile modular structure. The FK pump unit can be used as a progressive, single-line or dual-line pump unit with or without integrated reversing valves. The modular structure of the pump also allows it to be retrofitted from one lubrication system to another without much effort or expense. The pump is designed for demanding usage and is available with reservoir sizes of 15 kg, 30 kg and 60 kg.

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