Strength and reliability for the next generation of top drives

SKF Explorer tapered roller thrust bearings

BFS 8023 B cut - Tapered thrust roller bearing

Oil and gas technology is being pushed harder than ever before. Drilling for deeper reserves in harsher environments means top drives need to be bigger, more powerful and capable of withstanding even greater loads. And when unforeseen downtime can cost up to one million dollars a day, reliability is a valuable asset.

  • Redesigned to deliver higher load ratings and with up to 300 percent longer bearing rating life
  • Higher load rating. The new design increases effective carrying capacity. 
  • Rollers have very narrow diameter variations and optimized profiles allowing for even load distribution.

To find out more about the specifications of our optimized tapered roller thrust bearings, please download the material you find under "related documents" on the top right of this page.

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