Hub Bearing Units and Special HBUs

Thanks to SKF large experience in wheel bearings units for car application, SKF is also able to extend this technology with wide range of units for wheel applications in the racing field.

SKF provides specific integrated unit for racing applications in order to provide excellent performance under sever working conditions.

Sensor integration in hub bearing units is one of the older examples of mechatronics in cars. Special HBU solutions can also be designed for demanding requirements especially for racing applications, in which can be adopted tailored preloads, grease type, materials, depending on customer requirements and application conditions.

Hub bearing unit are integrated suspension subsystem, allowing to increase bearing load capacity for a given dimension. SKF has developed specific design for racing applications. These units are designed for high cornering and the demands of a vehicle being driven at its limits. On top of load capacity, high tilting stiffness are desirable, as brake and tire performances should be maintained even at high lateral loads.

They can be designed with the following features:
  • SKF X-Tracker design
  • Single nut variant for quick wheel changes
  • High performance wheel hub grease, for high load and temperatures
  • Low friction seals
  • Ceramic balls, for stiffness, weight and minimal friction
  • Higher preloads, for higher lateral stiffness
  • Higher contact angles and shoulder heights, for maximum cornering loads
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