Central nut hub bearing unit

Central nut bearing unit

When a high racing performance is required and when there is little time to change the car wheel during a race, SKF's Central Nut bearing unit is the ideal solution. The Central Nut bearing design, integrated on a third generation bearing, optimizes the boundaries dimensions, increases the stiffness and decreases the overall weight.

This hub bearing unit helps improve vehicle handling through increased hub stiffness that supports the heavy forces encountered during cornering. The units have been validated and proven to meet GT class championships demands.

Developed to enable rapid wheel changes during a race, central nut hub bearing units and complementary anti-rotation devices have made four-five wheel bolt designs a thing of the past.

SKF’s central nut hub bearings unit build on this key improvement with design and performance advantages that competitive central nut bearings cannot match:

  • Integration of the rotated flange with central nut thread and antirotation device seat
  • Robust flange design allows for improved safety
  • High wheel camber stiffness during cornering with no impact on knuckle
  • Improved steering accuracy and vehicle dynamic behavior
  • Improved brake wear due to small flange run-out
  • Car wheel serviceability with only a central nut without corrosion problem
  • Supplied ABS signal with an integrated sensor
  • Seat for an antirotation device of central nut
  • High severity specification for internal grease
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