Custom bearing design

SKF rolling bearings can be customized in order to optimise the operation of the bearing for each individual application whether it be a wheel or gearbox bearing etc.

SKF provides assistance and calculation support to enable the most optimized solution to be found where the following bearing requirements are needed;

  • Reduced friction
  • Increased radial or axial stiffness
  • Compactness (reduction in size and weight)
  • Increased life
  • Support of high loads

Different features of the internal geometry can be tailored so that the bearing meets the design criteria for an application. For example where high axial stiffness is required the contact angle of an Angular Contact Ball Bearing can be increased without compromising other bearing requirements.

Other bearing features that can be modified for optimization are size and number of rolling elements, ring sections, clearance/ preload, cage design, seal design, materials, surface treatments, anti rotation devices and lubrication holes.
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