Wayside lubrication systems

Lubrication systems for gauge face lubrication and top-of-rail conditioning

Lincoln wayside lubrication system
Wayside lubrication systems effectively apply a consistent and controlled volume of lubricant to the rail and hold that grease or friction modifier in place, allowing the wheels to grab and carry it around the track curve. The product range includes solutions for gauge face, top-of-rail and restraining rail.

In wayside lubrication systems passing trains are detected by track-mounted wheel sensors. The applied lubricant is picked up by passing wheels, which carry the lubricant through the up-coming curve(s).

High-pressure, low-volume pumps effectively cover the rail with just enough lubricant, minimizing pollution. Regardless of serving drilled lubrication holes or applicators which get clamped to the rail, SKF's technologies enable exact metering of grease. It helps to ensure each lube port receives the same small amount of grease every time, automatically.
The systems are capable of pumping long distances, as well as high-viscosity lubricants. Dual-track systems and customized solutions are available.

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