Harnessing wave power

Date: 2014-03-20T13:00:00
Location: Edinburgh
Presenter: Lisa Ferrero, Pelamis Wave Power
Conference: SKF Ocean Energy technology Day


Pelamis Wave Power have been developing their wave power concept since 1998, and are currently operating two 750kW devices at the EMEC wave site in Orkney. We will introduce the design and operation philosophy of the Pelamis, looking at the experience we have gained. This presentation takes a look at the unusual aspects of bearing operation in the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter. We will look at the benefits of a line absorbing device, as well as the challenges and knowledge gaps for bearing systems design. Operational experience, testing and technical expertise must be combined in order to accelerate the development of bearing system design for wave power. With support from the bearings industry, as well as our own experience, we aim to optimise our bearing design and monitoring systems to ensure a smooth journey to commercialisation.

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