What does an online condition monitoring system look like for a tidal turbine and a wave energy converter?

Date: 2014-03-20T13:00:00
Location: Edinburgh
Presenter: Donald Howieson, Business Manager, SKF
Conference: SKF Ocean Energy technology Day


The presentation reviews the history of condition monitoring in synergistic industries. We can start to understand the benefits to operators, OEMs and designers. New technology, including sensor and electronics miniaturization, introduces breakthrough innovation enabling effective monitoring of tidal turbines. The aim is to gather relevant information of their condition within the operating environment providing an indication of the health compared with as designed parameters. Consideration of a dashboard to monitor and trend conditions, understand the complex history of loads in service and lubrication quality throughout life. Identify overloads, duty excursions, lubricant problems, so that even prior to damage occurring in the Ocean energy device, adjustments can be made to avoid damage.

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