Reverse engineering – learnings from aerospace

Date: Jun 3-4, 2014
Location: Berlin
Presenter: Gunnar Andersson, Director SAS Technical Training, SAS
Conference: SKF 9th Annual Wind Farm Management Conference


The aviation industry and the wind power industry have the same cradle, to tame and make use of the aerodynamics. The modern aviation industry got a head start due to the massive developments during the World Wars. The incitements for the modern wind power industry did not arrive until the fuel crisis in the 1970ties. Thus the aviation industry has had a longer time to develop and have moved from an exclusive product into a commodity under extreme global price pressure. There are similarities between the industries as there are major costs involved to maintain the equipment, and we lose a lot of money when the equipment is out of service. Aircraft and wind turbines are produced in relative small series and many versions. One major issue is to source the spare parts effectively, especially for an aging fleet. Can the wind power community learn something from the development and sourcing strategies in the aviation industry?

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