Choosing the right metrics and action plans are key to optimal performance

Date: 2011-05-11T12:03:57
Location: Spain
Presenter: Marty Crotty, UpWind Solutions Inc.
Conference: SKF Wind Farm Management Conference 2011


Over the last several years the wind market has experienced explosive growth. As an example, in 2008-2009, over 40% of the electric generating capacity installed in the US was wind generation. With this explosive growth, the value associated with optimizing the performance of wind projects has a much more significant impact on the owner's overall financial performance. The intent of this presentation is to highlight the concept of what gets measured gets done as it relates to optimizing the performance of wind projects. While many organizations subscribe to this concept it is often challenging to identify the right metrics to achieve optimal performance. This presentation reports to identify those key performance indicators as well as the top drivers to achieve operational excellence.

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