Reducing the kWh cost of wind energy through advanced testing and a collaborative service offering.

Date: 2011-05-12T12:03:57
Location: Spain
Presenter: David Jacobs, Hansen Transmission International.
Conference: SKF Wind Farm Management Conference 2011


A gearbox manufacturer's contribution to increasing wind farm profitability lies in improving gearbox reliability through improved design and in developing a service offering aligned with the specific service needs of the turbine owners. Hansen draws upon a large fleet of wind turbine gearboxes installed over decades. This serves as a valuable base of experience and lessons learned to be incorporated into the design process. New technology and product development requires extensive experimental validation. Hansen has invested in cutting-edge test infrastructure consisting of system and component test rigs and advanced simulation techniques to increase wind farm reliability, provide a service offering based on the characteristics of the turbine and meet the customer's unique service requirements.

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