Community Care

The communities we operate in represent our future market and workforce; when a society grows, SKF grows with it. 

The way we run our operations is the main way we can have an impact on the local communities. We impact from our approach to:
  • Health and safety and human rights – as we strive to ensure work places defined by safety and respect, engagement and excitement. 
  • Our ethics and anti-corruption work – as we enforce a business culture with the ambition to be 100% corruption-free and we act and report openly when we do find deviations.
  • Our responsible sourcing – extending SKF’s sustainability work to the supply chain, which becomes even more important as we localize our footprint and supply chains.

  • Sponsorships and collaborations are the final pieces of the puzzle. THese activities are often accompanied by volunteering or pro-bono activities from our fantastic employees.
    In this way we use our direct local presence for the benefit of the society and neighbours - education, sport, health or simply extending a helping hand to the less fortunate in times of need. A few example are provided below.
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