Climate change

Climate change affects people and nature in countless ways and is one of the biggest global challenges we face today. Emissions of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, from industry, transport, etc. shift the delicate balance of the atmosphere protecting our planet and may have catastrophic effects such as rising sea level, ocean acidification, droughts, floods and storms, unless serious actions are taken.

In SKF we are firmly committed to take our responsibility to actively contribute to a better, cleaner future. We set challenging objectives, but they are realistic and absolutely crucial to our business performance. They simultaneously reduce the negative impact deriving from our operations and increase the positive impact delivered by SKF solutions at our customers.

Paris and the <2 degree target

Virtually all counties represented in the UN general assembly have signed the Paris agreement targeting a maximum average global temperature rise of 2 centigrade.

Climate change has been raised by the World Economic Forum as one of the most significant risks to security and economic prosperity. Climate change impacts a range of other challenges and is highlighted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Similar to the previous targets, SKF’s climate objectives 2017–2025 are based on life-cycle thinking and include raw material, manufacturing, goods transportation and customer solutions. The targets are aligned with the reduction levels suggested by contemporary climate science.

More on targets and achievements

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